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Nutritional Info

Simplify your feeding program by feeding Equine Pride™ Performance Horse Feed, which is an all natural complete feed with high quality protein, fiber and chelated minerals that leads to a highly digestible feed. Equine Pride™ contains no-byproducts, which are used as fillers in many feeds and horses do not utilize.  Feed utilization is necessary for horses of all ages to develop  and maintain strong bones, muscles and body condition.  With this feed program, horses tend to eat less hay because they are utilizing their feed and nutrients more effectively.

Proven results have shown that Equine Pride™ Performance Horse Feed can be successfully used in all horses, from the mare & foal, developing yearling, show horses, pleasure horses and the geriatric horse.  Please see our Success Stories for testimonials from horse owners just like you.

While you can see the benefits of Equine Pride™ Performance horse feed, there is also research confirming the need for effective nutritional supplementation. 

Balance of Protein results in the following:

  • Effects most body functions
  • Essential for Amino Acids and Nitrogen
  • Lysine for colts increased feed consumption, 14% gained 56% more weight and converted feed 20% better
  • Important for bone matrix development
  • Excess Protein- serves as source of energy and stored as fat in the body

Calcium-Phosphorus balance(3:1 ratio)

  • Two things we need to develop in equine skeletons, maximum size and bone strength

High Levels of Calcium (5:1 ratio)

  • Decrease digestability
  • Increase needs for phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese and magnesium

Low Levels of Calcium

  • Frail and porous bones

High Levels of Phosphorus

  • Decreases Calcium-increasing bone turnover resulting in a porous weak skeleton

Low Levels of Phosphorus

  • Bone quality will suffer
  • Bone development will deviate from ideal structure

Contains Yea Sacc YeastTM, D-1 Methionine, L-Lysine, and Yucca Extract. The yeast culture will improve digestion, enhance palatability and stimulate feed intake in finicky horses.

Equine Pride Performance Horse Feed is highly fortified with essential minerals and vitamins including highly available organic trace minerals (trace mineral/amino acid complexes) 

Zinc Deficiency

  • Slow growth rate in foals
  • Lower feed efficiency

Manganese Deficiency

  • Bone abnormalities
  • Weakened legs and joints
  • Poor reproduction in males and females

Copper Deficiency

  • Poor hair coat
  • Reproduction
  • Bone development
  • Reproduction problems

Selenium Deficiency

  • White muscle disease
  • Tying up

The main point, once a strong bone is developed, it does not remain that way forever!

The Bottom Line Advantage to your horse is a consistently premium quality feed. Equine Pride Performance Horse Feed eliminates the inconsistency, waste and off-feed problems that are typical when buying hay that can be so variable in quality from one lot to the next. Equine Pride Performance Horse Feed is total nutrition in a product your horse will love.

There are no magic supplements, high performance “feed-secrets” or shortcuts that will transform your horse into a healthy winner or champion!

Purchasing hay can be a gamble at best! Nutrient levels and quality can vary greatly from one lot to the next!

Nutritional and bio-chemical research demonstrates that a rare percentage of horse diets lack essential nutrients, contain feed products that are essentially “non-available”, lack vitamins, minerals and other supplement ingredients, and in many cases contain improper ratios and quantities of nutrients which cause metabolic imbalances leading to potential problems with proper growth development, frequent illness, poor appearance, and overall sub-optimal performance.

The bottom line, don’t gamble, rely on magic, or shortcut your horse. Equine Pride Performance Horse Feed will provide your animal with a premium quality performance feed containing the very best with an ultra balanced, cutting edge supplement package.